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Grout Cleaning

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Cleaning tiles and grouts can be a tough, tedious, back breaking task. You can spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing the grout lines, only to see them get dirty within a month or two later. Since grout is very porous, everything that touches the grout is absorbed directly into it. The #1 cause of dirty, discolored grout lines is due to cleaning the grout regularly. When you start mopping the floor, the dirt from the tile and grout is turned into a liquid that is immediately soaked up by the porous grout. The more you mop your floor, the dirtier and darker your grout lines become. The dirty water from your mop bucket is darkening your grout with every stroke of the mop. This makes it impossible to keep clean, because the liquid is actually deep into the grout opposed to sitting on the surface.

So, are you looking beyond the home cleaning methods to maintain the original look of your tiles? Experience our customized tile and grout cleaning services to make you tiles new while protecting the grout against mildew and staining in future. Based on your requirements, we can recommend you the best method to transform your dull, darken and discolored tiles.

The Albemarle Window Cleaning team has built a reputation by providing long-term and durable grout cleaning services to the homeowners residing in the Charlottesville area, VA. In addition to using the latest techniques to remove the dirt and contaminants built up, our professionals can further recommend you the most effective way to protect the plain as well as colored grouts against mildew and staining

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